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How the Meritt dApp works

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Meritt decentralised application

Decentralised crypto wallet and social media application optimised for mobile use. Interface for participants to create or join trusted networks. dApp also used for token issuance and token purchase on the Alpha marketplace.

The marketplace ensures investors’ demand in decentralised token issuance. Matching of participants and token issuers for a range of asset class (utility & loan tokens for the Alpha pilot). Participants can fund token issuances based on the issuers’ Alpha score (unsecured ) or the type of collateral (secured)

Perform fair & transparent risk assessment & valuation equivalent to an underwriting & scoring on financial contracts and corresponding tokens issued. Alpha underwriting facilitate investment in tokens on the Alpha marketplace and operates in a sovereign data environment, i.e. users retain data ownership & control at all time.

Participants & investors select tokens based on Alpha score and buy directly or build a portfolio. Token Issuer access peer-to-peers funding on the marketplace by listing and disclosing their Alpha score.

Bilateral contracts are a closed community between 2 entities like friends or family members. No need for any external intermediaries. Messaging allows direct negotiation of bilateral agreements.

A community can create a private group allowing members to obtain funding from other members. Matching participants with the issuing entity in a closed or opened trusted group. Access is restricted to members and tokens are issued and transacted only under the rule set up for the group.

Meritt tools

Secure and highly controlled key storage environment where non-authorised access is impossible. Accessed via the Alpha wallet, or API.

Suite of cross chain escrow smart contracts for crypto asset & currencies as on-chain collateral


Implementation and execution of tokens and digital assets on the Blockchain

3rd party Blockchains
Bitcoin / Ethereum / Other


3rd party distributed storage
IPFS, BigchainDB