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Build your Bigdataself andissue loan tokens to request finance

Build your Bigdataself and issue loan
tokens to request finance

Available building blocks for your verifiable loan token

Available building blocks for your verifiable loan token

on the blocks to
learn how they work!
on the blocks to
learn how they work!

Loan token
building blocks

1.Loan token
trading: public
or private

1. Meritt loan tokens are compliant with the ERC20 standard setting the basis for token transfers and splits, Transfer can be restricted to a closed user group and temporarily suspended (token can be frozen)

to loan token buyers (Lenders)

2. Any repayments from the loan token issuer to the pool of lenders is automatically transferred to the relevant wallet where the loan tokens are being held. The distribution respects the pro rata distribution of the underlying asset.

3.Voting or communication with token holders

3. Two-way information channel on the blockchain: (i) loan token issuer can broadcast important messages through the smart contract to all Lenders to comply with information undertakings (ii) Lenders can send messages to the issuer when the contract requires (e.g. notice in certain cases like exercise of an option for a convertible note). Messages can be private with only a hash being submitted to the loan token smart contract.

4.Token distribution: private off-chain or public on-chain

4. The borrower or entity seeking funds to invoke a factory smart contract that deploys unique loan tokens and servicing smart contracts for each loan.

terms, public or private on explorer

5. Lenders and observers can query Meritt registers to obtain data about the existence of Meritt loan tokens (to the extent those are public) as well as data on the events associated with each of the loan tokens. Key terms of your loan token such as re-payments schedule & interests on the Meritt ledgers can be queried.

6. Authenticated Bigdataself

6. Data storage combining data from multiple sources and operated through a consent architecture on local or distributed storages for users to store and share encrypted data without reliance on a third-party storage provider (e.g.IPFS). Allows the owner to provide highly granular access to the data, including zero knowledge access. No data held by Meritt. Users retain full control and ownership of encrypted Bigdataself.

How the Meritt dApp works

on the blocks to learn how they work!

Meritt decentralised application

Decentralised crypto wallet and social media application optimised for mobile use. Interface for participants to create or join trusted networks. dApp also used for loan token issuance and loan token purchase on the Alpha marketplace.

The marketplace ensures investors’ demand in decentralised token issuance. Matching of investors/lenders and loan token issuers. Investors/Lenders can fund loan token issuances based on the issuers’ Alpha score (unsecured ) or the type of collateral in on-chain or off-chain escrow (secured)

Credit scoring model trained with Machine Learning algorithms using in real time a combination of financial data disclosed by users from their Bigdataselfs and other available data from 3rd parties whether public or private (e.g. banking data via PSD2 APIs, accounting data via software APIs,) for continuous automated underwriting. The big picture credit scorings include multiple dimensions such as spending or cash flow patterns, available collateral valuation and strength of personal guarantee. It also covers thin file clients by leveraging available alternative data.

Lenders & investors can buy a range of loan tokens directly or on a portfolio basis based on scorings & yield. Loan token Issuer access peer-to-peers funding on the marketplace by and disclosing their score and listing their loan tokens

Bilateral contracts are a closed community between 2 entities like friends or family members. No need for any, scoring or ID. Messaging allows direct negotiation of bilateral agreements

Community tool. For self-crowdfunding directly with your existing trusted contacts when no scoring or ID is required within a trusted community. A community admin can create a private group allowing members to obtain funding from other known and trusted members. Access is restricted to members and tokens are issued and transacted only under the rule set up by the admin for the group.

Meritt tools

Secure and highly controlled key storage environment where non-authorised access is impossible. Accessed via the Alpha wallet, or API.

Suite of cross chain escrow smart contracts for crypto asset & currencies as on-chain collateral


3rd party Blockchains
RSK Bitcoin / Ethereum



3rd party distributed



Secure proof of Authority Blockchain platform

Secure proof of Authority
Blockchain platform

Decentralised, scalable and low cost blockchain platform
Meritt platform – Logic flow

Self-issuance of verifiable
blockchain loan tokens

Meritt marketplaces
for loan tokens

Meritt marketplaces
for loan tokens





Buyers of loan tokens


Meritt Blockchain platform

For automated issuance and
servicing of authenticated loan tokens
For automated issuance and
servicing of authenticated
loan tokens